Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tips of Cut Fat in Lunch

Low Fat Diet

1. Use lean meats like turkey, thin-cut, and use fewer slices
2. Make a tuna salad sandwich or chicken with a thick Greek-style plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise
3. Choose lower-fat cheese, or just one slice of good quality, full-fat cheese flavorful
4. Choose low-fat mayonnaise or mustard or relish instead of using a finishing coatings
5. Fill your whole-grain sandwich with salad vegetables such as Romaine, shredded carrots, sliced tomatoes, sweet peppers and red onions
6. Eat a cup of chicken-based soup, vegetable or bean-based soup and half sandwich
7. Selection of fresh fruit on the side instead of potato chips, or help a small selection of baked chips
8. Eat lean or low-fat yogurt-flavored fruit or chocolate cup fat-free dessert instead of cookies for a sweet tooth
9. Eat a baked potato with salsa and a dollop of fat-free Greek yogurt thicker on top, instead of butter or sour cream
10. Choose grilled chicken instead of crispy in your sandwich or salad, and skip the chips